My Life Being Renewed: Geek Chic

Geek Chic

November 29, 2012

Hi guys, I  just received these Geek Chic glasses from Firmoo - you like? I think they are fabulous and make me look super smart! I ordered the Style #SD2300 in Tortoise in case you were wondering.

Firmoo will even send you the first pair free if you are a new customer & you only have to pay the shipping. How fabulous is that? I am already thinking about ordering another pair- maybe something in a darker color.  Okay, back to reading my book- hope you are all having a wonderful day!! xoxo-Melinda


  1. I love glasses!! I got my first pair a few years ago. I didn't like wearing them initially, but I have really taken to wearing glasses.

  2. Me too! I was like you at first, had to wear my first pair in 5th grade and hated them, funny thing is now they are all the rage! Go figure haha

  3. Wow! what a great deal! thanks for letting us know!

  4. You look adorable! Love the outfit Melinda! Great coat, scarf, and glasses:)!

  5. Awh! I am absolutely loving those glasses. They look stunning on you and are truly the perfect combination
    for the cozy weather and that lovely book! Do they send you your first pair with a prescription or are they more "for fun" glasses? Either way, I'm headed over there now to check them out!

    On a different note, I am absolutely smitten with your blog :) Not only are you and the aesthetics beautiful,
    but I love that your first sentence in your 'about me' is that you love Jesus. That's a girl who knows the way to my heart! haha. Thanks for stopping by l'esthetique. It truly means the world to me! <3

    tiana of l'esthetique

  6. I dont think I could pull those off but they look good on you!

  7. You are too cute, love those glasses on you!!

  8. Hello, dear. You have a nice blog that blazer. Following you already.