My Life Being Renewed: A Ray of Hope....

A Ray of Hope....

November 27, 2012

Vest- Belongs to my FIL

Bracelet- vintage

Shirt- Hubby's Hollister, Flats- thrifted

These photos were taken at my MIL Home Thanksgiving Week- honestly, I just threw this on to walk the dog because Turkey juice was accidentally spilled on my blouse & jeans.

On Another Note, This Thanksgiving week has been a little tough on us, because no one has called back with job offers yet {most likely because of the Holidays} and I'm not going to lie, even with my faith in God, it's difficult when you are getting low on $$ and wondering what is going to happen next. My point is, I prayed for just a small ray of HOPE from God, just something to hold onto & to give us some hope. And I believe he are some things that happened this week that were blessings..

I won a $25 American Express Gift Card through FB
The hubby & I won $25 JcPenny Gift Certificate
The hubby & I won a second JcPenny Gift Certificate for $20
Hubby found a $6 Crockpot that is the perfect size for us!
Hubby went on an Interview for a Nursery Manager last Saturday
Two jobs opened up at the Hospital & I applied for them
Someone might be interested in buying our Suburban {praying!}
Our online House views are increasing, despite the Holidays
We received the $50 credit for Amex Small Business Saturday
My MIL sent us home with lots of groceries, so I won't have to spend $$ on groceries for a little while
We found 6 boxes of Kcups for cheap prices
I also opened my new Etsy Shop! Be sure to check it out in a day or two- I have a gorgeous vintage coat, Italian Scarf & vintage sunglasses, plus more that I will be putting in my shop!

What is so amazing is the fact that we had money to spend at JcPenny's for Christmas- we went yesterday and bought a gift for one another and we still have $25 left to spend for at least 2 more gifts! I honestly didn't think we were even going to have a Christmas and I had come to terms with it already. I don't care what anyone says, God does care about what may seem like small things to us/others- it matters to him about his Children..GOD is so good!

Hope you are all having a fabulous week as well!!



  1. Veeeery nice! I love the pop of yellow!!

  2. Glad to hear good news and your fab attitude! After 9 months of unemployment, I just recently started a new job in my field. Sometimes it's tough to keep the faith (especially when finances get low), but it WILL happen.

  3. wow that is all such great news! God IS very good,always<3

  4. Aww I seriously love this. Prayer is so powerful!

  5. So many great blessings to be thankful for! Hang in there Melinda...change is coming:)! God is good!

  6. nice blog!! stop by anytime :)
    xoxo Sienna

  7. Cute look,love your flats

  8. What in the what?? how awesome that you got so many freebies!!! And how do you look so cute in your hubs' shirt and your FIL vest?? :)

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  10. what a blessed week!! Praying that one of those jobs works out for you! :)

  11. such a nice outfit *_* your blog is very good and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  12. Thanks,for your lovely comment.
    You have such a cute dog.:) Is that a Jack Russell terrier?
    I have a little Jackie.

    1. Roscoe is a Rat Terrier, but he looks extremely similar to a Jack Russel- I love Jack Russels as well- they are so adorable!

  13. thank you. just followed you too :)


  14. Newest follower!