My Life Being Renewed: Upcoming Goals!

Upcoming Goals!

August 2, 2012

Hi everyone! Honestly, I've been back from our work trip for a week now, but I admit I've been lazy about blogging- most of my days have been filled with swimming, working out with my friend, hanging out with my family, sleeping in, etc. I wanted to blog today about everything that is going on and how I did on my July goals!

July Goals

Eat more salads, raw foods- I really worked on being conscious of eating healthier this month!

Drink more water - I definitely aced this one!

Spend Less $$$ - What worked for me was just staying out of the stores & I only spent on the necessary food and drink- I am so proud of me!!

Better skin routine - I did use my new Salicylic Facial Wash & I wore my Aveeno 90 sunscreen daily

Daily Vitamins - I did great on taking my vitamins!

Nail Biting - BIG Fail!!! I had alot of stress and I took it out on my nails.

I also had a much needed talk with my sister- I felt like we had been growing apart lately & it felt so good to just talk it out and now things are way better!!

Now that we have the July Goals out of the way, I wanted to update you guys on the job situation. As everyone knows, we are currently on the road working for 19-20 days out of the month and having to leave our dog at home with my sister. I talked to the Big Boss yesterday and she said that it was definite that Reggie {my husband} has a job in the office but she wasn't sure if I would be in the office yet or not, so my job is still in the air. August is our last road on the month, so I am pretty excited about that part!  I have decided that either way it works out that I will deal with it, I already have plans next month while I am home and the hubby is working. My To Do List has gotten so long because we have been working on the road for this entire year, with barely any time off!

August Goals {Will be on the road for 20 days- so pretty much just eat, sleep, pray and work}

September Goals

Exercise Daily with my SIL {Bob/Jillian Workout} & also try to swim for 30 min. to 1 hour

Keep up my daily vitamins, more h20, add in more raw foods & green smoothies

Tan by the pool- read some books {invite my sister over to hang out}

Shopping Trip planned with my sister {August 27}

My sister already volunteered to help me sort/organize through all of my house stuff- I am planning to have a yardsale in October hopefully. I am going to put all of the extra $$ for paying off bills.

Listen to online Church Sermons/Read my Bible

Meet with Real Estate Agent to get house back on market.

Blog More {more photography} & find my niche{s}

Callaway Gardens Trip

20% off BL Shopping Trip- buy some Pool Lounge Chairs & a Toaster Oven

Online College Classes ??

Make a Vision Board

Plan Vacay for this year for me & the hubby

Tallahassee Annual Food Festival

Buy Tickets for March of Dimes Walk at Callaway/ book cabin

Purchase my own Android Tablet or Android Phone

Grow my nails

I can't even tell you how excited I am for this to be our last month, working on the road, away from home. I have learned so much this year and I appreciate so much more of my life, my family and the small things that make me happy. I will probably be having a celebratory party involving champagne when we get home this month- stay tuned!!!

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