My Life Being Renewed: On a More Positive Note!!

On a More Positive Note!!

July 6, 2012

Hope that the last post didn't scare anyone off, I'm really not a mean person, I am actually too nice and have a problem saying No, which tends to get me into lots of trouble. Anyway, today I have more positive things to talk about! Like some fun short term goals for the month of July!!

July Goals:
Eat more salads, more raw foods
Drink more H20
Exercise daily-either swimming or the gym
Save more $$ and spend less!
Better skin regimen- Aveeno 90 sunblock daily, salicylic facial wash
Take new GNC energy & metabolism vitamins daily
Stop biting nails!

I am so excited for these goals, I will be back later to let you all know how I am doing!

What are some of your short term goals for this year?

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