My Life Being Renewed: My New Committment to Myself

My New Committment to Myself

August 30, 2012

Okay, so there is a subject that I don't discuss much on the Blog, just because it's not my favorite topic. But, with that being said, I need to talk about it, because it is a huge part of something going on in my life and the topic is my weight gain.

All of my life, I have been the skinny girl, I could eat whatever I wanted, never gained weight, until I turned 31 and it seemed like my metabolism became my enemy. I've held onto this weight gain for a few years and have blamed it on the stress of the house remodel/job/negative people {all of those things are out of my life now- thank goodness!} but honestly, there will always be some stress in my life, I have to learn to eat in a healthy manner and not eat emotionally.

Which leads to another thing about myself that I would like to work on- stop holding in my feelings, especially if something is bothering me. I was proud of myself this year, when I called my sister and told her that we needed to talk because I felt there was tension between us. We went for a nice stroll together and talked it out like adults, and you know what?....we are even closer now than we were before and we understand each other's feelings/boundaries better. Nothing good comes from holding in hurt feelings...I'm learning to talk and let things go..

So enough about feelings, what I really wanted to talk to you about is my new committment to myself! I don't know exactly how it happened, but it was like a light switched on and I have been motivated to lose these few LBs. Everyday, I have been working out with my SIL for 45 minutes to Bob's workout, eating smaller portions, and swimming laps in the pool {when it's not raining}. I also started back writing in my journal and wrote a list of the things that I love about myself- honestly, it made me feel much more confident, I am quite the likeable girl <3. Who knew? {apparentally not me}

I also have an upcoming shopping trip this Monday with my SIL & our hubbys and also the following Monday, my sister and I have a girls shopping day planned. So I have plenty of motivation to tone up a little so I can find some cute clothes & do a fashion post on the blog!

I can't tell you how excited I am for this- Life is to be lived now {today} , not tomorrow..I've been living in way too many tomorrows, no more. Life starts right now for the Blog Title reads "My Life Being Renewed"..but that is a post for another day. Be back soon!

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