My Life Being Renewed: My New Android Phone

My New Android Phone

August 30, 2012

Hey dolls! Guess what I got today? My new Android Phone!!!! I was a little dissapointed {that is an understatement} that the Samsung Galaxy SII Epic 4G touch does not come with the cute cases like iPhone does {Etsy has the most amazing ones that I want!} I am thinking of an iPhone in my future this year..maybe for Christmas?? Anyway, I do LOVE my new phone- I immediately installed these apps- Kindle, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Starbucks. I am an app whore, so I am pretty sure there will be many more added soon!

So I found these cute Chevron Wallpapers for the iPhones {I just tried them on my phone and they won't work, wahhh}.  I'm kind of liking the second one- I am partial to grey & mustard color combinations {obviously, since those are my Blog colors}. Which one is your fave?

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