My Life Being Renewed: My July 4th Weekend + Some Accomplishments

My July 4th Weekend + Some Accomplishments

July 6, 2016


Our July 4th weekend was pretty busy but fun! Saturday, we were invited to a pool party (and yes, I did bring a bottle of wine and had only 1/2 glass) and did so much swimming! Sunday we visited my family and ended up staying most of the day. My Mom and oldest brother wanted to hear all about my new diet and I set my brother up with the free Kindle app on his iPhone and sent him some free Amazon Books so he can read all about it.

My brother hugged me when we were leaving and told me that I pretty much saved his life (he is fighting some health issues and I told him to eliminate the grains and sugars and that alone would help him tremendously). He did that and lost over 5 lbs in one week and as soon as I saw him, I instantly could tell that he had lost weight and looked healthier! It really means so much to me when I have an impact on someone's life :) And no, I'm not a health or fitness coach (although, maybe I should be?), but I've been a health nut since I was very young. I'm obsessed with a holistic and healthy lifestyle and love experimenting with foods and herbs!

Once we left my Mom's late Saturday afternoon, we decided to get our food shopping done for the week. We hit up our local Co-op, Trader Joe's and Target and of course Starbucks for a Venti triple shot espresso frappucino w/2 pumps sugar free vanilla. I love that I can have that on my Ketogenic diet!

Monday, we worked on the house all day since we played most of the weekend and we ended up getting so much done! We took a break to grill some grass-fed burgers and the hubby had a Henry's Hard Soda (no more alcohol for me!)

>> Painted Front Door on House
>> Two new clients!
>> Purchased our trip for this winter (super excited about it!!)
>> Mowed Grass
>> Hubby purchased several plants and a new pressure washer from Lowes. The pressure washer is so easy to use that I can even work it!
>> Listed more items on swap & shop (sold one item)
>> Cleaned in between all of the deck boards
>> Scrubbed the hubby's gas/stainless steel grill
>> Vacuumed Patio Cushions

By Tuesday, it was time to get back to work for the week!

>> Did some client work
>> Paid someone to update Blog Header Photos (I can't wait to see how it turns out!)
>> Listened to three sermons back to back on Wednesday. It was everything that I needed to hear! The same message "God is working it all out, just leave it in his hands." And that is exactly what I plan on doing!
>> 6 new positive reviews in the last couple of weeks for my VA eBook!
>> Cleaned out and organized all of my online folders
>> Received another amazing review from one of my clients! I love my clients, they are the most wonderful and inspiring women!
>> Housework- lots of laundry, dishes and cooking!

Things have been going amazing and I'm sticking with my Keto diet. I'm still at same weight loss- around 9 lbs. but I feel great and that is the most important thing!

It's late afternoon here right now and it just started raining, so I may not be able to paint the bottom garage door like I had planned, unless it clears up soon. But I do have plans to hang some pictures and a mirror tonight (with the hubby's help, of course).

How was your July 4th weekend? Did you do anything exciting?


  1. Sounds like a great weekend. :) Busy but nice. Thanks for sharing

    1. It really was! Thanks for visiting my blog :) xoxo, M

  2. Hi Melinda! First of all, I love your blog! Congrats on all your victories over the long weekend, it must feel so good to have them off the list! I hope you have a great weekend xo