My Life Being Renewed: Top 10 Reasons that I'm looking forward to cruising the MSC Divina!

Top 10 Reasons that I'm looking forward to cruising the MSC Divina!

April 9, 2016

So remember how I blogged about how I pretty much skipped my birthday this year and also didn't even celebrate publishing 3 books on Amazon? Well, I will be celebrating very soon on a cruise! This will be my first time cruising on MSC. We have been on every cruise line except for this one!

I thought I'd share with you the Top 10 Reasons that I'm really looking forward to this cruise in particular. So, are you ready to hear my 10 Reasons?!


1. Because it's a gorgeous ship!! 

photo via Flickr

2. This will be our first time in a balcony room!!

photo via cruiseone

3. The Swarovski Staircases. What girl doesn't love Swarovski crystals?

photo via travelzoo

4. The pasta is home-made. What?! I don't really indulge in pasta at home, but you can bet your butt that I will be eating some on board the MSC Divina. 

photo via jillsgreatescapes

photo via travelzoo

5. I've read reviews that the pizza is amazing! Again, I don't eat pizza at home too much, but I definitely am looking forward to trying their pizza. Did I mention it's an Italian ship?

photo via MSC Cruises

photo via MSC Cruises

6. The amazing Desserts!!

photo via MSC Cruises

photo via tipsfortravelers

7. The Nutella Crepes on board. I have never had a Nutella Crepe but it sounds divine!

photo via MSC Cruises

8. The gourmet coffee- espresso, please! I'm assuming because it's an Italian cruise that they have to make amazing Americanos and espressos right?

photo via MSC Cruises

9. Relaxing by the pool & reading my books! There are five pools on the MSC Divina!

photo via MSC Cruises

10. Tropical Drinks, of course!

photo via cruise critic

I'm so excited for this cruise! I personally love cruises because they are so easy to plan. All of the food, drinks, excursions are in one place, so all you have to do is buy! We opted to purchase a coffee drink package (includes 15 coffees) and an alcohol package (includes 18 drinks) since we aren't big drinkers. I love that MSC offers the coupon vouchers instead of the huge drink package! I'm counting down the months + days!!


  1. A cruise is all about taking a relaxed vacation and doing things at your own pace.