My Life Being Renewed: My Book is Discounted for this week only!

My Book is Discounted for this week only!

April 26, 2016

See some of the reviews about my book and see for yourself!

 5.0 out of 5 stars
By Sharné_Admin on March 2, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition

Well isn't that the very question every person asks themselves when they want to pursue something new 
and out of their comfort zone. However, Melinda Pollard has been very kind to lend a hand to all "starting-up" VAs 
in this amazing, honest and insightful manual on how to take your first step or steps...

When I came across this book, even at first glance, I was impressed and couldn't wait to get my teeth sunk into it 
(like a delicious cupcake). When I finally sat down and started reading it, it felt like Melinda was right there on the 
couch, holding a cup of tea and just handing over all of this wisdom and knowledge that she had discovered. 
That is how easy it was... She has a way of explaining intricate details, in the simplest words so that everyone
can understand and implement it into their lives. The honesty in this book truly represents the person who 
wrote it and that she only wants to help and develop others in their pursuit of a career as a VA.

I would seriously recommend this book as a starting point for any person considering becoming a VA. I can 
guarantee you now, it will save you time, help you start "doing" instead procrastinating and coming up with 
excuses. Go ahead, TAKE THAT FIRST STEP...

Format: Kindle Edition
As I was reading through Melinda's guide I kept finding myself feeling as if this guide was written specifically 
for me. I was able to fully relate to her personal story and she hit on every pressure point I am currently finding 
myself experiencing and even used some of the same phrases I have been finding myself using more and more
during the day. It was so refreshing having my feelings validated and a little whisper in my ear saying "There is a 
better way to live."

I have been doing a lot of research, and have joined several groups, to learn more about virtual assisting and 
how/where to even begin. In the depths of my digging I was finding myself very overwhelmed - to say the least. 
Melinda's guide laid it all out so logically and informatively that you end feeling empowered, not left with the feeling
that you were just attacked by a fire hose.

She touches not only on the top questions people have such as; where do I find clients?! but also questions you 
don't think of right away such as the legalities of beginning your own business.

Hands down, best guide I have read thus far on this topic. Thank you, Melinda, for putting this together and 
helping shine the light for the rest of us who are trying to find the right path forward.

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