My Life Being Renewed: January Accomplishments & Goals

January Accomplishments & Goals

January 21, 2016

                                                                      via The Glitter Guide

    Some days I just don't feel like I've accomplished much until I write it all out and I'm always amazed by how much that I have actually accomplished!! 

    Goals accomplished for January:

    House Accomplishments:
    || Cleaned out my closet & consigned a TON of clothing, shoes, jewelry
    || Ordered my 3rd Verismo- the first 2 would not work. This time they are sending me their newer model- so hopefully, the 3rd time is the charm!!
    || Ordered a set of surround sound speakers for our home
    || Ordered 3 pair of woven natural blinds for the bedroom
    || Rearranged furniture & loving the new vibe!
    || Cleaned out junk drawers, pantry, under the bathroom sink
    || Hubby put up 4 new pictures + a mirror for me!
    || Did some after Christmas shopping & updated to all new Christmas decorations, tree skirt, ornaments, etc. (My stuff was all hand-me downs from family) I also bought Christmas           gifts for this Christmas already!
    || Installed new butcher block in Laundry room- hubby worked really hard on getting this     done and it looks amazing!!
    || Purchased a new mirror for the bedroom, a clock, 2 side tables for the living room (still on the hunt for a coffee table, buffet table and wall art- we're getting there!!)
    ||Purchased Amazon Prime (trying to decide whether to keep Hulu & Netflix)

    Work Accomplishments:
    || Started my "Morning coffee with God" routine (put God first & my business second)
    || Hubby installed PDF Nitro so that I can create fillable forms, questionnaires- he's the best!
    || Designed Square Space Website & Transferred everything over to new site
    || Increased my IG Followers by 200 in a week, & Twitter followers by 60 in the past week
    || Created a Free Business Marketing Tip Sheet for my Opt-In
    || Opened my online Styled Stock Photography at the Creative Market & Etsy
    || Worked on my Business organization- organized all of my projects in Asana including a House Project for my hubby & I to get our House To-Do List accomplished!
    || Re-branded my entire business including my website and designing new Banners for my Twitter, Facebook & Newsletter
    ||Decorated my new office & installed Office 2016 Software which I am loving!

    Goals for the remainder of January:
    || Clean out the Garage & get rest of things from storage- have a sale!
    || Put up Kitchen Hood-vent
    || Hang Clock
    || Purchase Wall Mirror for Living Room, Coffee Table, Buffet Table and Wall Art
    || Install Speakers
    || Install Blinds
    || Put up Interior Trim
    || Paint Exterior Rafters
    || Finish Painting Exterior Siding (Once it warms up!!) 

    What have you been able to accomplish so far for 2016? Please share!



  1. Wow! You've been busy - makes me realize I need to get with it! lol

  2. Hi Whit! Honestly, I didn't even realize I had done so much until I wrote it down! I bet if you write down everything it will be much more than you think :)

    Hope 2016 is off to a great start!