My Life Being Renewed: The Weekend//

The Weekend//

June 7, 2015

Hello lovelies! Hope that you enjoyed your weekend! I just got back from Target around 9:30 and had two strong coffees at Starbucks, which is why I am currently awake at 11:05!! I had a nice weekend- mostly painting and catching up on things. Honestly, I have been taking it pretty easy around the house-trying to not overexert myself. I slept in on both Saturday and Sunday, so that was nice.

  • Posted Swap & Shop Photos 
  • Cleaned freezer + fridge downstairs
  • Primed Rafters
  • Helped hubby do some nail-setting and putty on the house exterior
  • Finally caught up on the Bachelorette!
  • Blogged
  • Organized all of my notes into my journal (I am obsessive about making notes)
  • Tidied house- dishes, cleaned bathroom, put up laundry
  • Updated my Social Media Platforms
  • Organized 1 photo album!
  • Trader Joe's- Food shopping for the week
  • Returned pair of shoes at Target (moccasins that came apart at the seams)
  • Purchased chalkboard for office area + gorgeous photo frame (new project for the bedroom)
  • Picked up more caulk + paint supplies at Lowe's
  • Used my free coffee drink at Starbucks for a Venti Espresso Frappucino made with coconut milk + agave +  2 extra shots espresso (try it! so good!)
  • Started reading this old book that I found on the free shelf at the Library- I feel like God put it there just for me. It really inspired and motivated me to not give up on my dreams in life- I'm starting to feel excited for things again// I haven't felt that way in a long time.
This upcoming week, we will be doing more priming, caulking, sanding, covering windows with plastic + tape. Hopefully, we will be painting this weekend. The prep work is the worst part! 

Well, I think I better head to bed so I can be rested up for the work week. Hope that you all have a Happy Monday!

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