My Life Being Renewed: January accomplishments + February Goals//

January accomplishments + February Goals//

January 25, 2015

Hello lovelies! Is anyone else surprised at the fact that January will be ending in 6 days?! It really flew by quickly, but I was able to accomplish a few things beginning the new year off on the right foot! This year I am all about simplifying/organizing, getting healthy and having fun living life to the fullest!!

House Accomplishments
//Painted 3 interior doors
//Purchased a kitchen rug & bathroom mirror
//Husband installed closet shelving and second tier clothing rack
//Hardi-board siding is 1/2 way finished
//Husband put up 2 pictures + 1 mirror
//Wood flooring finished except for 1/2 bedroom (husband working on now)
//Monday- we are going to Macy's to look at some furniture fabric samples- I may be ordering the living room furniture this week

//Sold 2 phones on eBay, 1 mirror and a pair of boots- made $100 (to go towards house furnishings)
//Organized some in the garage- threw some things away
//Returned 2 unopened 5 gallon buckets sheet-rock mud for a store credit at Stones
//I joined for free and organized my email subscriptions- most amazing thing that I have done this year. Having excessive emails actually overwhelms me because I feel like I need to read everything or I will miss out on something.

I have been doing more praying about things, trying to worry less// I noticed that praying about my anxiety- I have grown stronger and some things that used to really bother me, don't even phase me now- I am in love with this new me that's not so bothered by things! I give God all of the glory!

I did great this month, only purchased 2 winter coats and boots- all on sale and I actually needed. Also bought some jewelry, not needed, but it was on sale:)

//I have been doing great taking my vitamins and trying to eat healthier and drink more h20. Not too much exercise though.
//I have been eating less meat, breads, dairy and sugar. I kind of slipped back into the old habit of too much wine and cheese during the week- I need to work on that//

We did a couple of fun things this month-we went to Sweet Grass Dairy and had wine with my boss and his wife the other night- apparently, Chardonnay is my drink of choice, I haven't laughed so much in a long time! Also, the husband and I took a break and played scrabble 2 times this month along with cappuccinos. Believe me, anytime we take a break is a miracle- we normally just work through every weekday and weekend.

I'm working on letting go more, trying not to be so hard on myself. Smile more, talk less about my problems, require less approval & compliments. Become a person that people always want to be around//

February Goals
//Start the YMCA on February 1st (lose 5 lbs in February)
//Purchase Patio Furniture, grill, living room furniture
//Go through more things- sell, throw away, donate
//Purchase a Vitamix Blender so I can make juicers + smoothies
//Update Estate Planning
//Complete hardi-board siding and floors
//Do a couple of fun things
//February 28 weekend- my birthday trip!

Is it weird that I already have March and April goals lined up already? I can't help it, I am a serious goal setter! For March, I want to be at my happy weight & be able to enjoy a great birthday by celebrating for a whole week (beach + shopping + good food + adventure)! And April, I mainly want to finish going through all of our things (including my wardrobe) and have a yard-sale on the first of April. Also, we are going to Savannah for a week in April, so I am super excited about that as well!

How often do you like to make goals?

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