My Life Being Renewed: Reasons Why I Love and Adore my Husband//

Reasons Why I Love and Adore my Husband//

December 22, 2014

Earlier this year, after my husband and I celebrated our 15 year wedding anniversary, I promised that I would do a post about some of the many reasons that I love and adore my husband. Things have been a little crazy this year, but better late than never.

Reasons why I love and adore my husband:

//He makes my coffee every morning and wakes me when it's ready..he always lets me sleep in as long as possible//
//He does the little things- like making sure that I don't forget my iPhone or my umbrella if it's raining..he tells me what the weather is so I know how to dress//
//In the winter- he heats the vehicle and turns my seat heat on because he knows I'm extremely cold natured//
//He opens up the car door for me.
//He is very protective over me-he doesn't like people around me that try to take advantage & hurt me
//He takes me shopping and is always so patient and waits on me.
//He loves me for who I am-unconditionally. He has never tried to change me into someone else.
//He knows that I detest driving, so he drives me around//
//We have an unbreakable physical, mental and emotional connection that I have never had with anyone before in my life. Quite often, we will think the same thing at the same time.
//We have had several people that have tried to break us up over the years and we only grew stronger each time//
//I completely trust my husband with my life and I don't give trust away easily//
//We completely "get" each other.
//My husband is extremely intelligent - intelligence is extremely attractive to me//
//He can do anything around the house- he even made me an art easel because I want to start painting//
//He is strong, he can handle me and he supports me 100%
//There are no words to describe our chemistry for each other..I still get butterflies//
//We like to listen to the same music- when we first met, we connected on our music similarities//
//We have the same silly sense of humor- we like to laugh a lot and tease each other.
//We make a great team- whether it's working on our house, cooking in the kitchen or traveling the world together..
//We both love learning new things and adventure//
//He knows that I love to have photos for memories and he is always patient about taking photos//
//He cares for me- he hates to see me hurt or cry. He understands my deep compassion for all living life & sees the true, soft side of me that most people never get to see. He knows me like no one else does or ever will//
//He understands that I am a very sensitive person and he is always there to support me and listen//
//He lets me be free and doesn't try to cage me- I will always be my own person and not follow what society thinks that I should be or do//
//He is very understanding and knows when I need my quiet time to think and recharge and when I need some love and attention//
//In my sad moments, he is always there to make me laugh//
//He is always thinking about me- whether it's a sale on a handbag or an iPhone accessory that I need- it's the little things for me that really counts- he pays attention to my needs//
//He has always stuck by my side when so many other people just don't try to understand me or take the time to get to know me- I have to connect with someone on a mental & emotional connection//
//We both have extremely high morals and stick by what we believe in//

My husband is my other half- I don't care how cliche it sounds or how the general consensus may be that a person should be complete on their own already. I was lost; not having any direction at age 19, except for going to school where I met my husband and he changed my life for the better. He helped me to become the person that I am today- he has taught me so much about love and living life to the fullest. My husband is a loyal, kind and amazing man- I love him more and more each passing day. I know that God put us together 17 years ago and I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with him..

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