My Life Being Renewed: Catching Up!!

Catching Up!!

August 7, 2014

Today, I am blogging from my Office on my lunch break just because I always have so much to do once I get off of work.

It's been quite a while since my last confession, I mean blog post, and so much (both good & bad) has happened since then! Most of everything is finished on the house, with a few exceptions which I am hoping will be finished in the next week or so.

Main things to finish on House (before we can buy furniture + decorate):

//Tile for Bath & Laundry
//Wood Floors for remaining house
// Deck- last few stairs & railing

Bad things that have happened but (most) turned around for the good:

// Kitchen Contractor yelled at me and made me cry (he did finally finish the job though and the cabinets do look pretty amazing) and it was all over the infamous "spice cabinet" which in the long run, may have been worth being yelled at...I will let you know when I officially start cooking in our new kitchen.

// During our 3 days of moving, our Suburban broke down and we had to have it towed. We prayed that there was nothing wrong with it (i.e. extra expenses) and we found out that everything was okay + we weren't charged- winning!

// Immediately after our Suburban broke down, the air on our work truck went out (by that I mean, we turned it on and it literally started smoking inside of the truck & I was yelling at my husband to turn it off!)

// I dropped my iPhone 5 in the toilet (it's not what you think..) my husband and I were talking in the bathroom about the tile floors &  I had my phone on top of my journal (while standing by the toilet) and it slid off right into the toilet bowl! I grabbed it out, dried it off, blow-dried it with cool air, shut it down overnight & put it in a bag of rice (and by rice, I really mean organic wheat barley- it's the only thing that I could find!!) and prayed over it and the next morning it was working fine!!

// The deck stairs will be finished this weekend then we will start on the tile and wood floors next.

// We finished moving everything out of our apartment and my Mom even helped me clean the apartment- I was so glad because cleaning is SO much more fun when you have someone to help you:)

// My husband and I had a 15 year wedding Anniversary this past Tuesday but we weren't able to celebrate it because we were too busy trying to get the house finished + we only had our work truck which had no working a/c.

In other news, I also became a Certified Notary and a Member of the American Notaries Association. I don't feel like a grown-up most days, but just writing that, that seems like a pretty legit grown-up thing to do.

I also recently started back running and doing some light weights everyday. Mostly, due to the fact that I will be headed to the beach soon and I just ordered a swimsuit- so yeah, there's that..

We are planning to go to St. Augustine soon to celebrate our belated 15 year Anniversary- I'm excited to take a break from working! I will also be reviewing a gorgeous Bed & Breakfast for the Blog while I am there- so keep a look out for the preview post in the next few days!

I think that is everything that has happened in the past few weeks in one blog post. Hope that you are all having a great week so far- tomorrow is Friday!!


  1. It'll be worth it. When we were building out house I remember getting upset about something that seemed petty, but in the end, it was worth getting upset about; after all, I was the one building the house, paying for the house, and if it weren't for me building my house they wouldn't have had a job site to work at. lol.

  2. you look way too young to have a 15th wedding anniversary...when did you get married, at 10;)? Anyway, I'm sure it has been a busy period, my husband and I will move to our new larger house in a your or two and I just know it will be so much work.....

  3. Ivana, love you already! haha Thanks for stopping by my blog :-) Good luck on moving into a larger house- my best tip is to sell/donate as much as you can before moving!