My Life Being Renewed: No More Painting!!

No More Painting!!

June 29, 2014

Friday, right after work- we went straight to Lowe's to buy paint & supplies for the weekend. What I thought would be a simple 1 1/2 day of painting turned into an entire weekend of painting. We started Friday around lunch and didn't finish until 5:00 on Sunday. I don't think that I have ever worked so hard in my life- I told my husband that next time we will use our Wagner paint sprayer and not even worry with doing it by hand. I have blisters on both hands and everything hurts- painters have a very hard job!!

[This was me in a happy mood before I realized that I would be painting the entire weekend]

Next week:
// Monday- Cabinets being installed
// Tuesday-Thursday- Lighting being installed
// Wednesday- Granite contractor to template & measure (2 weeks for complete installation)
// Lights will be turned on
// Garage Doors installed

I am so excited that next week the lights will be up with painted walls and cabinets- how crazy is that?!

After the cabinets and lighting is installed- we will have a 2 week break where just my husband and I will work on the deck railing, tile, pantry and walk in closet shelving. On the last week right before we move in, we will be putting down wood floors, the granite will be installed and the plumbing completed- it is honestly going to be down to the last minute- I'm a little nervous, but all I can do now is work hard and pray that it all comes together in time!

After we move in, we will still have a long honey-do list: installing interior doors, hardi-board siding & painting, window & door trim, exterior lighting, landscaping.

Three more weeks until we move in! 


  1. I definitely know where you're coming form. I think all your hard work is worth it. The walls look definitely pristine. Anyway, I do hope all is well, so that you can move in smoothly on your new home. Cheers!

    Tamas Orban @ Palm Beach

  2. I'm impressed that you finished the painting in one weekend! Our plan to make the wooden trim white and also paint every wall of our new house was overly ambitious. We are STILL painting several weeks later. Enjoy your new house!