My Life Being Renewed: Taking a much-needed Break!!

Taking a much-needed Break!!

February 9, 2014

Life for us has been extremely hectic lately with the house planning, full time jobs and my blog work that we haven't had a chance to just have a relaxing day. So this Saturday, we took the day off to just have fun!! We hung out at Catalina Cafe & enjoyed Con Leches, had lunch at Jason's Deli and shopped the day away! 

{Can I just say how gorgeous my husband is? Even after 17 years together- 
he just gets more & more handsome}

{I loved this striped dress, but it was too short- I was so sad}

{I did buy this leopard shirt & black leggings- both on sale for a total of $6.00!!}


  1. beautiful pictures ;)

    1. Thank you Cristina & thanks for visiting my blog :)