My Life Being Renewed: Week Two..

Week Two..

January 13, 2014

Okay, so it's week two of January and I have been doing pretty good with my 2014 Resolutions so far.

Health- daily speed walking &  lifting weights, drinking more hot teas & less coffee, more water, taking my vitamins. Eating less at night. Our gym is being remodeled, so it's closed for repairs until the end of January- once it's ready, I plan on being there everyday!

Spa care- steam facials, lemon & sugar scrubs, olive oil for moisturizing, detoxing baths.
Purchased a deal @ Salt Therapy + Juice Bar- hope to have a review in the next few weeks!

Fun- I have been taking one day out of the week to watch chick flicks on Netflix. And I actually read one book on the drive to my MIL last Saturday.

Self- improvement- Not worrying about what other people think & their opinions. Just because someone has an opinion, does not make it a fact. As long as I am being kind & true to myself and not hurting anyone,then I can lay my head down at night and sleep perfectly.

Relationships- I met with my sister for lunch- things have not always been great  in the past, but we are starting over with a clean slate- I hope that we can be close sisters again, that's all I ever really wanted. We had such a great time at lunch! I am also really excited about my MIL's new friend, John- he is so much fun to be around and so kind- which is very rare these days. It's so nice having a positive role-model to be around.

House- We met with the insurance company and set up our house construction & liability insurance and also called contacts for storage units (for building supplies) & restroom units for the work crew. We are meeting with a potential framer tomorrow to get a quote for our re-submitted house-plans with less square footage this time. Hopefully he gives us a great price and his crew can start soon, so we can start seeing some progress!

Work- work is great, I love my boss and I have met some really great people at our monthly meetings- it's also helping me come out of my shell a little more and become more confident, which I definitely need!

Blog- I have a couple of products that I will be reviewing on the blog soon- so stay tuned for that! I will also be giving my blog a make-over soon- I've had this one for over a year and I really want a change- something fresh & different.

These are just a few goals that I have been working on, I have so much more that I want to accomplish this year! 2014 is going to be a great year, full of wonderful blessings- I can't wait for this year to unravel- I am going to enjoy every second of it!

What are some of your goals that you are working on for 2014?

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