My Life Being Renewed: We now have water!!

We now have water!!

November 23, 2013

I never thought I would be so excited to see a WELL- of all things!!! We now have water + electricity!

I'm so ready to get started on this house building- the husband is making some last minute changes- if I even hint that I would like something different, he makes it happen- he's the best! I am already imagining our new home with fruit trees all around, an organic garden & maybe even some chickens, although the hubby will have to go in to gather eggs- I have a fear of chickens pecking me (childhood trauma- for another post). I love the fact that we will live in the country but we are only minutes from the city- so we will have the best of both worlds. I still can't believe that in 5-9 months that we will be in our new home-someone pinch me!

This morning, we went to the car-wash & then went to Lowe's & bought a new washer & dryer -when they asked us if we wanted it delivered, I was like heck yeah- I don't want to carry that thing up the stairs!! So tomorrow is officially laundry day for me!!

Not too much else is going on this weekend- just the usual, clean the apartment, give the dog a bath, give the hubby a haircut, walk at the park, and catch up on some shows recorded on Tivo.

What about you guys-anything exciting planned for this weekend?

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