My Life Being Renewed: House Progress..

House Progress..

November 3, 2013

We are finally making some progress on this house's slow but at least things are moving in the right direction! As excited as I am to be getting a new home- all of the details can be so stressful!!

Here is where we are so far:

//Our building plans were approved by building inspections! (No shocker there since the hubby worked in Engineering for over 13 years of his life)
//The temporary power pole was approved by building inspections & we now have power!
//We contacted the guy who is going to install our well- he should be able to work on it next week- so within the next week or so, we will have water!
//We should have a builder quote first thing next week. Sending prayers to heaven for an awesome quote!
//I have been on Houzz constantly adding things to my idea book- hopefully, I will get it all narrowed down.

If everything goes to plan, it looks like we will start building our new home in the middle of November. I am really excited to be building in the Fall because it is such lovely weather, not to mention starting a new year with a new house! I am so excited!

{Like this, but dark floors}


  1. I love your style... I'm planning a similar decor style whenever we find a house and have the $ to remodel. How fun that you get to build your own house!

  2. Remodeling is always fun because you get to see the before and after- hopefully, the perfect house will come along! This is our first time building, so it will be fun to watch it from floor-up!