My Life Being Renewed: Thankful Thursday..

Thankful Thursday..

August 8, 2013

Hi Lovelies! Hope you are all having a fabulous week!!!

I am thankful that our new Tablet finally came in!! This thing should have it's own passport- it went through China and Puerto Rico- what is going on with our Postal Service these days???? It was actually for the hubby's birthday and he has been so kind to share it with me:)  I am excited to play with it more- I plan on using it by the pool to play on Pinterest and hopefully read some books when I get time.

\I am thankful that today is Thursday!!! As much as I love my job, Roscoe does wear me out during the week and sometimes a girl just needs to sleep in..

\I am thankful for my boss, Dale, who is always so compassionate and understanding and such a great boss!! His wife, Rhonda is pretty amazing too- God definitely had a big hand in me getting this job..

\I am thankful for coffee & makeup because without those two things (especially in the a.m.) I would be a hot mess!!

\I am thankful for my MIL who is always thinking of us when she goes shopping- the other day she found Starbucks coffee on sale and bought me 9 bags- a girl can never have too much Starbucks- especially>>> this girl!!

\I am thankful that I have a new home to look forward to this year- especially a walk-in closet!!

\I am thankful for all of the wonderful people that I work with at my office- everyone is so amazing and friendly- I have had so many previous jobs where there was so much negativity and it feels great to come in to work and not feel dread..

\I am thankful that the new bed that the hubby built for Roscoe is working out so well- this is going on the third week and it has been so much better- I definitely see the silver lining..

\Last, but definitely not least, I am thankful that God has blessed Roscoe to be with us still today- I am amazed every day when I get home that he is still alive and well and I thank God for that!!

What are you thankful for today?

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