My Life Being Renewed: My Life Being Renewed..the story behind the name..

My Life Being Renewed..the story behind the name..

July 31, 2013

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Hi there! This blog post has actually been in draft since July 1 of 2012- I never posted it, but thought it would be fun to post today and see what has happened since then!!

I wanted to share with you why I decided to change my blog name to "My Life Being Renewed, One Step at a time." Most of you don't know that almost 3 years ago, our lives were forever changed. My husband worked at his Father's Engineering Firm for 13 years while I worked at the Hospital as a Medical Center Representative- we had a great life, financially set, a newly remodeled home and traveled the world.

Then everything changed- My husband's Father was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away within 4 months. The business was shut down and my husband was left without a job. We made the decision to sell our home and relocate in order to be closer to family and to find better job opportunities.

So now that catches us up to date- we now have put our house up for sale sold our house, have new jobs in our new town that we adore and live at my brother's pool house temporarily while we are getting ready to build our first home together! One step at a time, we are working on getting our lives back in order, this time we want to make it even better {with GOD, of course}! Hopefully, that explains the new blog name- I will be sharing with you daily and weekly what I am doing to renew my life. I hope that you enjoy my blog and share what is going on in your life as well!

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