My Life Being Renewed: Kaeng Raeng all natural detox program

Kaeng Raeng all natural detox program

July 30, 2013

Remember in my last blog post, how I blogged about eating more raw veggies & fruits and less meats, pasta? Well, it hasn't been easy, but I have been doing really well this week- I have been eating lots of raw veggies, smoothies, green tea and fruits and I do feel much better already!

One thing that I have been enjoying lately is smoothies. Recently, Danielle, a rep from Kaeng Raeng sent me an all natural detox program to try. I was excited because lately life has been so crazy for me, having a handicapped dog and also trying to build a new home and I could use something easy and healthy!! Plus, the nutritional values are not too shabby either!

One serving of Kaeng Raeng makes 24-32 fl oz and contains: (drink 3 per day)

Fewer than 240 calories!
-1 oz of raw, freeze-dried fruit powder -- that's the equivalent of 8 oz of fresh fruit per serving! No preservatives, no chemicals, just fruit, straight from the ground, freeze dried for convenience.
-19 grams of lean non-genetically modified soy protein and daily vitamins including B-12
-2 billion CFUs of vegan L. Acidophilus probiotics to bolster your immune system and improve digestion
-Full serving of vegetable fiber (safe for daily use)
-No artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners
-No caffeine, laxatives, or stimulants
-No animal products or peanuts
-No preservatives or fillers

Just mix a detox packet with almond milk (or you can use water), shake and go!!

I made this smoothie with a packet of Kaeng Raeng, handful of spinach leaves, 1 apple and almond milk and it was so delicious! Even my husband enjoyed it and he is very picky, especially about eating healthy foods.

One thing that I have noticed with the cleanse is that my skin and eyes look clearer and I haven't seen a loss in weight, but my body seems to be toning and I have so much more energy now! Before, I was so exhausted all of the time- I love that I can take these packets to work and mix them with my water or almond milk and I have a healthy meal! You can find out more about Kaeng Raeng detox program here.

What do you do to get back on the healthy bandwagon?

*The Kaeng Raeng Detox Program was sent to me to review free of charge, however I was not paid any money to do this product review. Any products that I review are of my own personal opinion and experience.
*I am not a medical professional. This is not intended to be medical advice. Please consult your doctor as needed.

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  1. soy strips vitamins and minerals from your body, prevents the absorption of protein, promotes breast cancer, contributes to infertility, inhibits thyroid production, slows metabolism...might want to think twice about this.