My Life Being Renewed: Taste of Thomasville Food Tour- Photo Overload!!

Taste of Thomasville Food Tour- Photo Overload!!

June 8, 2013

For those of you who don't know, I grew up in Thomasville, Georgia but my parents moved when I was little and later I met my husband and we moved to a different city to go to College and so that my husband could work at his Father's Engineering Firm. But after 20-something years, I am finally back in my hometown of Thomasville! It has been my dream to move back for a very long time and things in our life changed to where that became the plan.
Since I moved at such a young age, a lot of things have changed in my hometown. So the husband and I finally took a break away to go on the Taste of Thomasville Food Tour- in our very own hometown- We had such a wonderful time meeting some new people, savoring wonderful food and learning all about our town's history! If you ever visit Thomasville, Georgia you should definitely go on this tour- Debra, our tour guide was amazing! 


Shrimp and Grits at Jonah's

Fried Green Tomatoes, Crab cakes & Greek Salad at George and Louie's

Moon Spin Pizza (the hubby & I get the Calzone here usually once per week) I can walk there from my office.

The Big Oak in Thomasville

Lucy & Leo's Cupcakes {They were on the show "Cupcake Wars and won 2nd Place} at the Bookshelf

Hope you enjoyed the Tour!! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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