My Life Being Renewed: Today's Agenda....

Today's Agenda....

September 26, 2012

{I need to print this out as a reminder- sometimes I just get lazy..}
Wednesday Agenda

Pick up New battery for Truck

Meet with Real Estate Agent to sign papers & put house back on market. {I found a more aggressive REA and I have a great feeling that she is going to sell our house quick!}

Bank Deposit

Meeting at office to get job details

Mow Grass at our other house

Run to store to pick up marshmallows, fall costumes, veggie & fruit supplies for Fall Festival.

Pay off Bank Loan- Yay!!

Work out at 6:00 with SIL

I have so much to do tomorrow, but honestly, I am really excited because we are accomplishing THREE very important life goals-

  1. Jobs in the office
  2. Pay off Bank Loan
  3. Putting House back on the Market

Life has been a little rough on us the last couple of years, but things are starting to look up and I'm excited for our future. I know that GOD has a plan for our future, for good and not evil, so I am leaving it in his capable hands...

** Edited - We also met with our loan officer to get our Land Loans renewed and ended up having lunch with the office people, so we got even more accomplished! BUT, we didn't make it to the store & I missed my workout.

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