My Life Being Renewed: Oh How I Love Thee...

Oh How I Love Thee...

September 21, 2012

Just to let you know before hand- this is a sappy, romantic case you don't like that kind of stuff...

There are so many things that I love about my husband, he is so are just a few things that he does to show me that he loves me..

1.} Brought me a bag of teas, kcups & starbucks coffee {he knows the way to my heart}

2.} Tells me how much he missed "My Melinda"

3.} Kisses me on the forehead..

4.} Tells me how beautiful I look in my dress..

5.} Tells everyone how pretty I am & how he can tell I've been working out {love this one}

6.} Woke up to him watching me sleeping...

6.} Made me coffee this morning..

7.} Helps me cook dinner..

8.} Kisses me so passionately, I missed his kisses...

9.} Runs his fingers through my hair, I love when he does this..

10.} Worries about me when there is a thunderstorm, he knows that they scare me to death & I can usually be found hiding in the bathroom..

11.} Texts/Calls me constantly to make sure that I am okay..

Dear God, thank you for my wonderful husband and for letting him come home safe to me..

{He wrote this card to my brother & his wife for letting me stay over while he was working-
 So sweet, right?? }
{We love any reason to drink champagne}
{He loved my dress}

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