My Life Being Renewed: Things that I am Looking Forward to...

Things that I am Looking Forward to...

September 10, 2012

I am really trying hard to stay upbeat, but this is extremely difficult on me with MOH being gone- he is my best friend and I feel like part of me is missing and I won't be complete until he comes back I made this list of things that I am looking forward to.. so maybe it will help me to feel better {at least temporarily}

1.} Girl's shopping Day next Monday!!

2.} MOH {My Other Half} is coming home in about 10 days!!! I am looking forward to some romantic date nights!

3.} UPS Package- I ordered some Raw Vitamins

4.} Bachelor Pad tonight!!! {I'm still sad about Michael S. leaving}

5.} Texts & Calls from MOH- something I look forward to all day..

6.} Sunday Weigh In- my SIL said that I looked like I lost some weight and I can tell my face looks slimmer.

7.} Getting my afternoon workout accomplished!

Going to work out now!! Hope you are all having a fabulous night!

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