My Life Being Renewed

Top Favorite Life Hacks

>> Pineapple Corer
>> Keurig
>> Milk Frother

Top Favorite Tech Tools
>> Asana
>> Basecamp
>> Buffer
>> Sumo-me
>> Wave
>> Canva
>> Calendly
>> DropBox
>> Googledocs

Top 5 Favorite Free Stock Photo Sites:

How to get More Sh*t Done in a Day!!
|| Drink Coffee!!
|| Write a To-Do List and Stick with it!
|| Do the most difficult tasks first
||Ignore your phone! I absolutely do not answer my phone while I'm working because it is so hard to get back on track when family or friends are calling just to chat when I have work to do!
|| Say no to things that don't serve you- I used to be miss nice girl saying yes to everything until I finally realized that I needed to start saying no if it was going to stress me out!

Why I love being a Virtual Assistant
>> Positive, help inspire others to go after their dreams!
>> I get to do what I love everyday! Design, Social Media, Marketing
>> I am constantly learning new things! I'm a bit of a nerd, so I love learning!
>> I get to work in my pj's & drink coffee as late as I want to!
>> No Drama, No negativity! Unfortunately, working in the public- it's almost impossible not to run into negative people!

>>I love not having to wear makeup + doing my hair + choosing an outfit every day!
>> I get to choose who I work with and if it's not a good fit, I have the option of saying no. I'm a big believer that not everyone is fit for each other and that's okay!
>> I get to write so much and I love writing! (I had a dream that I had my own office writing and it's pretty much came true!)

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