My Life Being Renewed: I survived Thanksgiving week!

I survived Thanksgiving week!

November 28, 2016

Wow, this Thanksgiving week has been INSANE, you guys! The holidays always wear me out with so much work to do before the new year + cooking, shopping & decorating for the holidays. So much more reason to look forward to this upcoming vacay!! I did enjoy our Thanksgiving with my family, so much so that we ended up at my Mom's for almost 5 hours. I slept in this morning after such a hectic week, which was nice.

Most of our weekend consisted of shopping for three days online and one day shopping in store.  We have purchased so much that I am thinking of waiting next year to get the new TV and camera. Shopping is extremely time consuming for me because I do so much research in reading reviews & trying to find the best quality product until it takes me an entire day to buy one item!

In between shopping, I was able to get some other things done during the week:

>> Made Christmas Wreath for front door
>> Put out lighted Christmas trees on deck
>> Picked up our Frasier fir Christmas tree & decorated it that same night!
>> Wrapped more Christmas gifts
>> Joined more Blog FB groups
>> Emailed companies to collaborate with for Blog
>> Applied for some Blog campaigns
>> Finished several SoFab University classes
>> Updated Twitter, Pinterest to reflect my Blog instead of Business
>> Designed a new Twitter header
>> Did my first sponsored post with Groupon!
>> Posted some items on Swap + Shop
>> Made some larabars + home-made chili + 2 broccoli casseroles for the week
>> Ordered some more kcups
>> Ordered a Cuisinart 6 slice toaster & convection oven from Kohl's (excited for this!)
>> Went to TJ Maxx Members Event
>> Finished food shopping for the week
>> Had hubby's glasses repaired
>> Bought a couple of groupon deals (Starbucks + hair salon)
>> Created some social media graphics
>> Finished all client work
>> Had pallets delivered to get ready to DIY our garage walls next year (or end of this year)
>> Finished sorting dirt pile & filling up driveway + flowerbeds
>> Painted flower pot for citrus tree
>> Re-stained deck chairs & side table
>> Spot-cleaned patio cushions
>> Planted Rosemary Christmas Tree
>> Hubby pressure-washed deck
>> Finished our retaining wall + flower beds!
>> Hubby unclogged sink drain (I have never been so happy!)
>> Washed all sheet, bedspread covers
>> Reserved parking for our upcoming trip

I'm exhausted just from typing all of this! Later this week, I plan on doing some more VA job research, wash the car, cut the hubby's hair, going shopping with my MIL & having a spa day! I'm just glad that I got through Thanksgiving & most of my Christmas shopping!

What was your most favorite part about Thanksgiving?


  1. I always say that the holiday season needs to be followed up with another vacation There is a lot to do and a lot to recover from including all the food.

    1. You are so right about that!! I think next Thanksgiving, I will go to the beach instead! lol :)

  2. Holy moly!!! You were wwwaayyy more productive than me. I got a lot of my xmas shopping done today for cyber Monday though! :D

    1. Hi Emily! Honestly, I'm trying to triple up on my work so that I can start next year with less things to do! My motto for next year, is work less, play more! :) Yay for getting a lot of your shopping done!!! It's so nice to not have to worry about the crowds closer to the Holidays! xxo

  3. Wow! You were busy! I thought I got a lot done with doing my (hopefully) final thesis edits, writing 3 blog posts, applying for 3 jobs, and updating my blog title images -all mixed in with family time, staying in 3 houses, shopping, and football. You showed me up though! You must have been like the Energizer Bunny to get all of that done. Great Job!
    xoxo Lauren I Glitter & Grandeur

  4. Hi Lauren! Thanks, I'm a bit hyper! lol But it sounds like you were able to get lots accomplished yourself! :) xxo, M