My Life Being Renewed: "I will give you rest."

"I will give you rest."

June 13, 2016


Hi guys! I just wanted to update you since my last post where I was talking about praying and trusting in God about a trial that I'm going through. The very day after I wrote that post about having faith and trusting in God, different things started improving for the better. I don't want to go into details; but I knew it was God working!! (FYI:my marriage is great, so it's not that. I have family that reads my blog and I don't want anyone worrying).

In the past five days, since I wrote that post, things have been improving and I have felt some stress being lifted off of me and haven't had any anxious nights. I still have a ways to go & much more praying to do, but things are getting better by the day. I am going to leave it in God's hands and put my faith in him that he will work everything out to our good! I am more than happy to give up the driver's seat and let God do the driving, He does a much better job than me and he knows what is best for me. That is something that I have learned in life (and still sometimes have to continue to learn) is to give things over to him instead of trying to take things into my own hands.

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28

Sometimes, I feel so unworthy of God's blessings because I am not the best of Christians. I'm not perfect by any means, but I do love God with all of my heart and soul and long to serve him in all areas of my life. He's been so good to me, regardless of my failures and mess-ups. It's amazing having someone in my corner that loves me unconditionally, even though I'm not perfect. If you think about that for a moment; that's pretty amazing..God is so good y'all! I am just so overwhelmed today by his love and mercy :)

I hope that you all are having a lovely start to the week and I'll be back in a day or two.



  1. I'm trying to lean on God more lately too. Sadly it is something that you have to work on. It's very easy to fail him but he's good about excepting that and let's us right back in. Glad all is going well for you. :)

  2. Hi Deb! That is great that you are consciously remembering to lean on God :) It is something that we all have to work on. We are so blessed to have a God that loves us unconditionally no matter what we do or how imperfect we are! Hope you are doing well! xoxo, M