My Life Being Renewed: Story of my Life!!

Story of my Life!!

March 12, 2016

Hi lovies! Sorry for not posting lately, but life has been just a little crazy over here! I'm in the middle of finishing my book for Amazon. It's loosely based on my life and involves career changes, fun and romance! If you like inspirational chick lit, then you'll definitely love this book "From Assistant to #BossBabe- it's available to pre-order on Amazon if you want to grab it so that you can have it on release date! I already have several people that have pre-ordered it so I'm pretty excited about that!

My Birthday was last Wednesday and honestly I didn't do much to celebrate at all! It's just been a crazy time right now in my life and I would rather celebrate it later when I am finished with my book. I'm thinking a fun trip in the upcoming future sounds nice..

The hubby did take me out for sushi and bought me a few gifts (that were on my wish list).

Other than that, I've been helping with work on the house in my free time as well as working on creating passive income for my business. I have another eBook that is available on my website-"Frazzled to Freedom" for busy Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, etc. It's all about how to create systems and automate your business so that everything runs smoothly including some bonus tips on shortcuts and productivity!

So that's it! Lots of writing going on over here! I'm honestly just excited that I finally figured out my purpose in life- although, to be honest, it was staring me in the face the entire time! But isn't that usually the case? Anyway, life goes back to normal (somewhat) after April 5th when my book is released and I can finally breathe!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!!

xoxo, Melinda


  1. First, congrats on all these amazing endeavors in your life!! I don't know how you do it all! So sweet of your hubby to treat you to a few of your faves on your bday! Happy belated :)

    Xox Dana Ivy //

    1. Dana, thanks girl!!Basically, I don't sleep! LOL Thanks for stopping by my blog :) xo, M

  2. Good luck with book. hopefully things will calm down.Happy bday :-)

  3. Happy belated Birthday and congratulations on all the wonderful news.

    1. Thanks Ramona!! So happy that you stopped by :) xo, M

  4. Congratulations for the book. Send me a copy :) ;)

  5. Happy Birthday for last week. Congratulations on your book, it sounds like an interesting read.