My Life Being Renewed: 15 Reasons Why Positive People are More Successful Than Negative People ||

15 Reasons Why Positive People are More Successful Than Negative People ||

December 7, 2015


They don't play victim and + cry and blame everyone for their difficulties in life. Instead, they deal with what life hands them and make it into something positive.They use difficult situations to make themselves stronger and learn from their difficulties instead of making it into a fail. (Tip: Think about a difficult situation & figure out what you can learn from it and then move on)


They hang out with positive, successful people who uplift others. They don't hang out with the naysayers and the negative types. They don't speak negative thoughts (i.e. can't, isn't possible, never are not part of their vocabulary) And they don't care for drama and gossiping. (Tip: Stop the negative thoughts and you will notice more positivity come into your life)


They are always grateful for what they have- no matter how little it may be. They can always be happy for the smallest things. They don't sit around whining about how life has been unfair or how broke they are- they find a way to make things life better! (Tip: Write a List of things that you are grateful for- home, food, family, health)


They stay busy finding things to do. They don't sit around all day waiting on other people- they know that there are plenty of things that need to be done, whether it's cleaning, writing, reading the Bible, inspirational book or taking a walk.


They know how to be content being alone- they are happy being in silence with their thoughts. They don't need people and noise around them constantly.


They don't focus on everyone else's life & what they're doing right or wrong- they focus on their own life and what they need to do to help others and make their life more meaningful.


They create new goals all of the time-they are not lazy. They are always working on self-improvement and learning new things. (Tip: Take a new class online, take up a new hobby, read an inspirational book)


They don't wait on other people to lift them up or look to others for help. They know how to be independent and do what they need to do to succeed!


They  don't feel the need to criticize or put others down to make themselves feel better. They are confident in who they are and what they have to offer.


They don't have pity parties. As a matter of fact, positive people hate pity parties- so don't make the mistake of inviting them to one-they will most likely tell you that you need to stop the negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. And if a positive person is not happy with something in their life, instead of dwelling on it and staying stuck, they change it!


They don't stay stuck in the past- they move on to their future and enjoy the present moment. As long as you stay stuck in the past and dwell on negative things, you will never move forward to better things. (Tip: Let it go)


They say no to guilt trips and manipulation. They don't blame others and they also refuse to accept guilt trips and mind games from other people.


They say no to things that don't make them happy. They don't feel obligated to do something just because everyone else is doing it. Positive people tend to be leaders, not followers.


They help others without strings attached. They are not selfish and self-serving. They believe in helping others less fortunate and the underdog, because it makes them feel good to spread positive encouragement. But they are also smart enough to not allow themselves to be used by takers. (Tip: When you help others that are less fortunate, you will feel better and not focus on the negative)


They are not closed- minded about life. They have faith in anything & everything being possible and actually believe it, not just say it! They know that regardless of education, money or status that they can do anything that they put their mind to if they just do the work!

People are drawn to others with positive energy- it's like a magnetic force. If you're negative, you will notice that the positive people will not want to be around you- so you push away any positive that you could have in your life by remaining negative. Unfortunately, positive people attract not only positive people but negative ones as well- like they say, misery loves company.


  1. This is PERFECT. (Came over from Blog + Biz FB group) :-) #2 couldn't be more accurate. I hate gossip, drama, all the BS. NOT NEEDED. Thanks for sharing, these are all really great.

    1. Ashley, thanks so much for stopping by!!! I totally agree with you! :) xo, M

  2. I love and agree with all of these! Especially hanging around other positive people and being open minded!

    Julie |

    1. Hi Julie! Definitely hanging around other positive people is the biggest one! :)