My Life Being Renewed: Life Update//

Life Update//

February 15, 2015

Honestly, our life has been extremely busy + crazy lately. We have just been hustling 24/7 focusing on finishing our house so that we can actually have a life + have some fun instead of working all of the time! Our list is growing shorter and shorter and I'm really looking forward to being done soon// Being an adult is so much work but we are trying to get our life organized so everything starts running more smoothly and less chaotic #notafanofchaos.

Here is what has been going on in the last few weeks:

//We completed the wood flooring
//Home equity loan closing in next couple of weeks- we had to meet with the loan officer after work for 2.5 hours + gather all of the necessary paperwork (not fun-hopefully this is the last time we have to do this)
//Finally got House Insurance all straightened out
//Cleaned out half of the garage & donated to a charity that helps the less fortunate. The hubby & I plan on cleaning out the other half once we finish the house
//Painted 3 bedroom doors
//Touched up paint throughout house- still need to finish touching up the ceiling + 1 more coat
//Currently putting up interior Door Trim + Base Trim + Molding
//Will be purchasing furniture at the end of this month

//Just had my 2 year Work Anniversary -celebrated at Bacchus Wine Bar with my boss & his wife
//Recently promoted to Office Manager 
//Work has been extremely busy - I took 30 minutes out of my day on Thursday to organize my office and it makes it much easier to keep track of current clients, to do's, filing, etc.
//We have a couple of Seminars coming up the end of February and the 1st of March- I think at this point I have pretty much broken out of my shell// I think I will always be an introverted more reserved person but I am at a point to where I can successfully do my job 
//We are planning our Second Annual Senior Living Expo and we are hoping for a great outcome this year!

//Sold Espresso machine + blender + 2 patio lanterns= extra $70

//Wine next Friday
//Downtown sidewalk sale- next Saturday (haven't decided if I am going yet)
//Celebrating my birthday at the end of this month (beach + shopping + adventure)
//Hands & Hearts Hoedown end of March 

Other Happenings:
//I stayed at home with my husband last Thursday- he was sick with food poisoning for 1/2 day
//Ordered some natural medicine- I have been extremely exhausted lately + having anxiety at night feeling like I can't breathe so I am hoping that it helps me//

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