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Life Lately//

October 27, 2014

Life has been crazy hectic- I haven't even had the time or the energy to blog. (We even skipped the invite to the Biggest Loser Grand Opening in Amelia Island to meet Jessie Pavelka- that was sooo hard to miss!!) Today, I am using my lunch break to blog- it's about the only free time that I have lately. The weekend was great- we were able to accomplish so much the last few weekends- I thought it would be fun to give an update on everything.

//Dining Room + chairs purchase- we now have a dining room table to have dinner!!
//Vanity table + chair purchase- I am no longer sitting on the floor doing hair & makeup- thank goodness!!
// Wine Rack chest purchase
//Ordered more tile- picked up this weekend
//Ordered more wood floors- they were delivered last week
// Yard-work- borrowed my Mom's riding mower & push mower (ours stopped working) & did a clean up a couple of weekends ago- it took us the entire weekend to get the yard looking decent + we loaded an entire truck-load of bricks & concrete to throw away. Maintaining 3 acres of land is no easy task!!
//Cleaned Garage out some- threw out some things
//Had a Bon-fire + Beer night - just the hubby & I -we burned all of the branches + sticks that we picked up from working in the yards

We still have some things left to do- the main things are to put down the remaining wood flooring, the shower rod + curtain and the hard-board siding. We still have small things left to do like interior/exterior trim and more closet shelving, but we will do those later once the big things are finished.

I have to say, I am so proud of my husband, he works a full-time job all day and he comes home every day and works on either the exterior siding or putting down flooring. It's not easy to come home to work again after you've already worked all day, not to mention also working the entire weekend with only a 30-minute break here and there. My husband amazes me all of the time- he is the best gift that God ever gave me- but I will save that for another day//

Once the house is done, we will be enjoying our weekends, going on vacation and enjoying ourselves! I personally am so excited to be finished- we have been working way too hard and not playing any and I'm starting to go a little stir-crazy. A vacation is definitely in the works for Thanksgiving week!!

What are you plans for Thanksgiving? Dinner with family? A vacation?

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