My Life Being Renewed: Welcome September!!

Welcome September!!

September 1, 2014

I can't believe it is already September! I have thoroughly enjoyed the Summer and even managed to visit the beach a couple of times, but I am very excited for the Fall!! I look forward to the hot cocoa, baking pies, scarves, sweaters, reading books and writing more.

This will be our first Fall in our new home- I am hoping by the end of October that I will have a dining room table that I can decorate with pumpkins and fall-like things.

September House Goals:
//Finish Exterior House Siding & Trim
//Install interior wood flooring
//Install Food Pantry Shelving
//Install shower tile & curved shower rod
//Paint Interior Doors

September Personal Goals:
//Blog Face-lift
//More Photography, writing, art
//Re-open my Etsy Shop & start back crocheting scarves
//Work on eating healthier- less pasta, cheese & wine
//Daily Running
//Sunday- go to church
//More Spa Days
//Go to Savannah for a weekend
//Go through books & donate
//Organize- sell & donate

By the first of October, we should be ready to start shopping for things for our new home. Our main purchases will be a dining room table, buffet table, living room furniture and a coffee table, vanity and a dresser and night stands for our bedroom. I also still have lots of smaller purchases such as mirrors, wine glasses, dinnerware, towels, rugs, etc. I am definitely looking forward to the shopping and decorating part!!

What are some of your Goals for September?


  1. Great goals! I love your blog design, why does it need a face lift!?

    I have some similar goals for the month. I need to get to organize more and prepare for an upcoming vacation. I also have some work goals with my new job as a personal trainer. I want to get some paying clients and be pretty booked up so I keep getting the experience I need.

    1. Thanks Lisa! I was just thinking maybe a little face-lift, nothing too drastic :)

      Sounds like you have some great goals planned- especially the upcoming vacation preparation!