My Life Being Renewed: To-Do List//

To-Do List//

August 28, 2014

Life has been good, but crazy lately! We did finally get the Certificate of Occupancy to move into our new home, but my husband had to go behind some of the contractors to fix some things that they should have done so that took extra time. Thank goodness that he knows how to do all of that!

I feel like everyday we are running around working so hard- trying to check things off the to do list. It will be nice when we can have a normal life where things aren't so hectic! Our goal is to finish everything, including decorating by the end of October, then we can relax and enjoy the Fall..

//Deck, stairs & Railing finished
//Washer & Dryer installed (so happy to finally be able to do laundry!)
//Bathroom & Laundry Tile finished
//Yesterday we almost finished moving my husbands tools out of storage- we will finish moving everything this afternoon
//Closet shelving is partially installed- we still need more shelving, but thank goodness that I can hang some clothes instead of living out of boxes + suitcases.

(the closet is currently full + we still have more)

Currently Working on:
//Install exterior Hardi-board siding, trim + Paint
//Paint exterior Rafters
//Install wood floors
//Paint interior doors

Future To-do list:
//Install Shower Wall Tile & Shower Rod
//Install more closet shelving
//Install Pantry shelving
//Unpack- move upstairs
//Buy furniture for house- dining room table, living room furniture, bed frame, dresser, vanity, etc.
//Install interior ceiling trim, door & window trim
//Build house for well
//Concrete poured for Garage Drive/Parking
//Driveway Gravel
//Privacy/Security Front Gate
//Go through everything- sell, donate & throw away

We have lots of things planned to get done this weekend and Monday we have off for Labor Day- hopefully we will get enough done, that we can take a day off to relax.

Hope you enjoy your Labor Day!!


  1. good luck with everything dear:)!I hope soon your home will be to your satisfaction.