My Life Being Renewed: House Update!

House Update!

July 4, 2014

This Week:
//Cabinets finished except for some trim & couple hardware pieces
//Wednesday- Attic insulation installed
//Thursday-Purchased Decking Rails, Caps, etc. at Tallahassee store- they didn't have locally.
//Friday (today)- Husband is working on deck while I pack & go through things
//Saturday- More deck work + husband putting on hardi-board for exterior lights & meter-box
//Sunday- same as above- packing, deck-work, also purchase exterior lighting.

Next Week:
//House Insurance Quote being worked on.
//Monday- Lighting- all lights will go in next Monday
//Monday- Wood Floors being delivered
//Wednesday- lights turned on
//Friday- Garage doors being installed
//Saturday- buy & put in tile for bathroom & laundry room

+ Some time in between everything- we will have to move all of our belongings & clean our apartment so we don't have to worry about any additional apartment fees. We also need to install the hardwood floors, walk in closet shelving, pantry shelving.

Week of July 21st:
//Granite- install date July 21st
//Plumber- will finish install (toilet, sinks, faucets, etc.) July 22nd
//County Inspection- approve & get CO so we can officially move in!

This is the granite color that we chose for our kitchen.

These are the hand-scraped wood floors that we chose for the living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, closets & hallway

Once we move in, it's just the beginning of more things to do like hardi-board siding install & paint, painting rafters, landscaping, buying everything from wine glasses, dinnerware to mattresses. We have tried to eliminate as much items as we could to keep from having to move so much this time.

It's been so much work but also very rewarding to see everything come together- I love that my husband and I designed everything together- we even worked on the house plan with both of us planning & inputting ideas- we have always been a great team and love doing things together. I can't wait until the day we move in- I just want it to be the two of us, celebrating all of our hard work and enjoying the moment together:)


  1. I enjoyed every little bit part of it and I will be waiting for the new updates.
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  2. love your home!! by the way, I love your blog and I'm adding it to my sidebar! We have too much in common to NOT be friends :)

    1. Thanks Whitney! I would love to return the favor if you want to send me a button :-)

  3. the kitchen looks awesome - I love those cabinets!

    1. Kristen, thanks! I honestly am excited about them myself- can't wait to cook in this kitchen :-)

  4. You just gotta love white cupboards and kitchen cabinets. That granite color goes perfectly well with those cupboards. Don't even get me started with those hardwoods. Everything looks nice. I really think you have a good eye for design. I hope everything falls within your timeline. All the best!

    Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express

    1. Arthur, thanks so much for visiting my blog- thanks for the compliment! I have really enjoyed designing our new home- I loved being able to be a creative part in everything.