Sunday, March 30, 2014

House Construction Update!

Hello! Just wanted to give you an update on our House Construction. Like I mentioned in my previous post- after 3 different house plans/changes- we finally decided to go with our original plan to build an apartment over garage (our original plan from 5 years ago) for now. Our Five-year goal is to build the main house, then once it is finished- we can rent out the apartment.

The positives of building smaller is that it will be done so much faster!! Estimated completion should be early summer- hopefully sometime in July!

Secondly, we will be mortgage free and thirdly- I won't have to worry about cleaning such a large area- & anyone who knows me well, knows that I would much rather be out having fun than wasting time cleaning all of the time! (Clean the house in 5 minutes- sign me up!)

This week was mostly the concrete foundation, but next week the framing will begin-I am just soaking it all in and enjoying the process!

I have so much to do while the A/G is being built- I have already started going through things that we don't need. That way moving will be so much easier! I hope these house construction pictures aren't boring you to death- because that will be consuming my life the next few months!!

Happy Sunday!!

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  1. This is such a neat idea! I have such a soft spot for small homes/apartments. I loved my teeny tiny apartment in New York. If I didn't have two pianos to house, I would totally live in a small home again. So cozy. Very excited for you!