My Life Being Renewed: Look-back on January Goals!

Look-back on January Goals!

February 1, 2014

It's that time, today is the first day of February- so let's look back on January Goals!

January Goals//

Spiritual- I did great on this one. I have been praying more, listening to more sermons & growing/learning.

Health- I have been doing great on drinking more water, hot teas, taking my vitamins, I did go to the gym about 5x and also walking around the lake.

Relaxing Time- I have been taking time to read more, watch at least 1-2 movies on Netflix per week, take long baths- it definitely feels nice to unwind after a long work week!

Blog- I had a blog makeover! I'm so happy with how it looks now! I have also been doing more local restaurant & shop reviews, along with my product reviews.

Finances- I have not done badly this month (in my opinion), but I am not really a budgeting type of girl. I did buy several pieces of jewelry, 3 handbags and a couple of shirts. I think that's all- honestly, that is a really good month for me + I didn't do any online shopping!

Career- has been going great- I have been busy planning for our first Senior Living Expo and I love being busy all day and getting things accomplished! Plus it helps that my boss is really happy with my work- on Friday, he came into my office and told me that he was extremely happy with me and the all of the hard work that I have been putting in! It's nice to see when you work extremely hard every day and it pays off! So motivating and it just makes me want to work that much harder!

Travel & Fun- I really want to go and do something fun, but we have been really busy with house stuff- but I'm not complaining!

House (New Construction)- We finally have some labor & materials quotes that we are happy with and will be meeting with the bank on Monday to get everything going. House construction will be starting in a few weeks!! I am beyond excited- this has been a dream for a while now & with lots of prayer and patience, it is finally going to happen!

Self- The closer relationship that I have with God, the more I am loving the person that God created me to be. Through praying, I am growing up more spiritually and not letting things bother me as much and letting negative things go that others have done to me. At the same time, I am not letting other people walk all over me, I am standing up for myself and speaking truth when necessary. I am no longer that girl who is so oversensitive and easily hurt- I have been praying for a thicker skin and to keep my tender heart- and lately, I have felt the shift.

Family- This is a big one for me. I have been through lots of hurts with my family- things that shouldn't have been done or said, but I have forgiven them & hope that we can move on and have a healthy relationship. After taking a 4 month break from family- it's such a great feeling that I am now able to be around my family and feel the love & support that I have been wanting.

For the month of February, I plan on continuing to work hard at my job & continue to work on my blog- social media marketing, sponsors, product reviews, etc and hopefully gain some new readers. I also want to continue my daily praying, growing spiritually and taking time to relax at home by reading a new book or taking a relaxing bath. Of course, for this month, I am most excited for our new house construction to start!!

How are you doing on  your 2014 Goals so far?

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  1. I think it is so important to set goals and reflect on them. Love your picture with your puppy!