My Life Being Renewed: 25 More Things You didn't Know About Me Continued..

25 More Things You didn't Know About Me Continued..

December 6, 2013

//My Dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease when I was about 12 years old- I helped take care of him when I was a teenager.. putting on his socks & shoes, combing his hair, bringing him be honest, it was my favorite memories of my Dad because I took care of him & loved him so much... I could do no wrong in his eyes. I was a huge Daddy's girl (he passed over 10 years ago) and everyday he would sit me on his knee and ask me if I was still Daddy's little girl & I would always tell him yes.. when he took his last breath, I was right there beside him holding his hand, begging him not to leave me. The moment he stopped breathing- I let out the loudest scream- it was like I was out of body & it wasn't really happening.. it was one of the hardest times of my life..I literally didn't eat for 2 weeks..I don't deal well with death & hate funerals- every time I go to one- I cry because I miss my Dad..

//I don't like overly pretentious people or constant boasting/bragging on oneself..I feel like you should just be yourself and if you're awesome, people will know it, No need to talk about it.

//I have an extremely low tolerance for pain- if I stub my toe, I start crying.

//I also have an extreme aversion to the cold- when I was training for a job in New Hampshire, New York- my fingers and lips started turning purple in the cold- I have to live in warm weather!

//When I was a teenager, I wanted to go to New York to become a model- everyone told me that I could be a model, but my Mom wouldn't' let me go, she said it was too dangerous & that I would get murdered.

//Which leads me to this one- my Aunt, my Mother's sister was murdered- she was stabbed, then shot..My Mother never talks about it..

//I grew up very sheltered from everything, I didn't learn until I was about 25 that people could be manipulative and mean for no reason. It was a hard lesson that I learned firsthand and still continue to learn..I will never figure out those types..

//I am obsessed with poetry- I used to write poetry when I was a teenager.

//I grew up singing in choir and playing piano- I used to sing a solo almost every night at my church- people used to tell me I had the voice of an angel..I kind of want to start back singing again, but I definitely need some voice lessons!!

//I have been everything from a raw vegan, vegan, vegetarian to a meat eater.

//I had a really bad experience from eating seaweed one time- let's just say that now every-time that I see it at Whole Foods, I get really nauseous..

//I used to have an eating disorder & my family constantly worried about me. I have been tiny all of my life, my smallest weight was 102 lbs. The last 4 years I have really struggled with my weight gain.

// I am obsessed with coffee, especially Starbucks- I could drink it all day!!

// I hate being the center of attention, I would prefer to be in the background. But I love being appreciated.

//I have always disliked when people video me, I don't like the way that I look or sound on video.

//I love fashion and I've always wanted to have my own little boutique & style the mannequins- that would be my dream!

//I am a quiet & shy person, especially around new people. Recently, I was invited to go to Women's Health Event with celebrities and to do interviews and I turned it down because it's just not me.

// I could eat just have a cheese plate & wine every night and be happy. //Red wine makes me melancholy and white wine makes me silly.

//I have this Goals & Accomplishments Obsession- I write down Goal Lists from Short-term to Long-term that I want to accomplish and work towards every week!

//I am a Pinterest-a-holic. I have over 13,000 pins & almost 800 followers

//I can crochet- mostly scarves- it's very therapeutic for me.

//I have always dreamed of being a Travel writer- it combines two of my favorite things- travel & writing.

// I have visited Seattle, Canada by train, New York, Wisconsin, Washington DC, Chicago, SC, NC, Virginia, all over the State of Texas, Ohio, Louisiana, New Hampshire, Kansas, Niagara Falls, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, St. Croix, St. Thomas, Mexico, Turks & Caicos.. and tons more..I have always loved adventure & traveling- I want to see the entire world!!

//I have been told that I am a mystery & impossible to figure out...but I like it that way..who wants to be an open book when you can be mysterious?

//I don't like when people stare at me, but I love to wear flashy things..oxymoron?

Hope you enjoyed and have a fabulous weekend!!

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