My Life Being Renewed: 2014 Goals

2014 Goals

December 29, 2013

Honestly, 2013 was pretty good to me, I did a re-cap of 2013 here- but there is so much more that I want to accomplish in the coming year. I am always excited for a New Year and I know that so many people think that making resolutions is cliche- but for me, it's the usual & just another reason to make a goals list!
Starting a new year feels like a new clean slate to start fresh!

I Declare that God is going to bless me and my husband in 2014 and that we are going to succeed in everything we put our hand to- we will be the head and not the tail. God will continue to bless & increase our finances and we will lend and not borrow. I Declare that God is going before us making the crooked paths straight and that we will have the favor of man and God. I Declare that God is going to overflow our lives with blessings abundantly and in every way possible and that all of the visions that God has given to me will come to fruition. I Declare that God will open the doors that need to be opened & he will close the doors that need to be closed and that no man can stand in the way of our blessings that God has prepared for us! I Declare that God is going before us and showing us the way in which to walk, whether it is straight or to the left or to the right, we will continue to follow & trust in him. In Jesus name, Amen.

2014 Goals

//Spiritual- find a church. Continue to read Bible daily & stay in prayer constantly.

//Home Life- Build new home! Have organic garden, fruit trees & chickens. Have photos transferred from old hard drives- have prints made for new house. Host parties.

//Health- Lose last 10 lbs- workout at gym 5x week, drink 8 glasses water daily, eat more raw foods, take vitamins, spa treatments weekly, have a couples massage, go on more hikes, biking. Drink less coffee & more hot teas. Try acupuncture.

//Blog- Blog Re-design, more blog posts on style, products, restaurant & travel reviews

//Relationships- Celebrate our 15 year wedding anniversary! Plan a night to watch old videos & drink wine

//New things- have professional photo shoot of the husband & I, run a fun marathon with my husband, go to an art + wine class, go on a wine tasting, go on a hot air balloon ride. Go Zip-lining, go to a concert, Ride in a Helicopter, Learn ballet from my SIL (she was taught by Robert Ivy)

//Enjoy our local community- go to more events in the community, use downtown dollars- go to some new places.

//Education/Continued Learning - Work towards Journalism degree & learning Graphic Design

//Finances- Learn to budget!! Spend less $$, save more! Trade in Suburban for Prius to save on gas.

//Future- plan for low-maintenance/light workload investment ideas.

//Life- have will and power of attorney re-done

//Others- continue to help others succeed, volunteer my time, donate to those less fortunate.

//Self- continue to love myself more, learn to let things go-not hold onto negative things that have been done towards me and my husband, take more time for myself- read a book, take a long bath w/candles,  take a weekend vacation/do something new. Read more books.

//Creativity- work on inventions/ideas. Work on a new task weekly to gain knowledge- i.e. graphic design, journalism, photography, etc. Crochet.

//Travel- go somewhere new this year- we haven't been anywhere in the past couple of years & I'm starting to go stir-crazy!! Go on a weekend getaway-beach, camping.

I have such an amazing feeling about 2014, it's going to be a great year for us and I am so excited to see what all happens!!

What are your Goals for 2014?


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  2. Happy 2014.wish you a successful year filled with happiness and lots of love
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  4. Thank you Asep- Hope you have a Happy New Year as well!! Thanks for visiting my blog!