My Life Being Renewed: What my weekend looked like..

What my weekend looked like..

August 10, 2013

Saturday, we went downtown to do some shopping and have lunch with my MIL and her friends from out of town- unfortunately I didn't take very many pictures at all. These are taken with my iphone- I brought my nice camera but decided at the last minute not to bring my huge camera with me since we would be doing lots of walking.

My handsome husband & his Mom



I think they had a great time -- they were worn out by the time we finished shopping & walking!


We had Creme Brulee in memory of my FIL - he always loved it:)


Sunday was spent sleeping in until 10:00 a.m (finally!!). We decided to stay home and the hubby worked on our house plan details and I cleaned all day, including doing dishes, cleaning the fridge and putting up laundry. I also did some juicing (I now have 2 pitchers of watermelon juice to drink) and dehydrated some kale chips.


We also enjoyed some of the cheese & salami that we picked up at Sweet Grass Dairy Cheese Shop for lunch today. This stuff is amazing!! They make it here in our town, but it's also sold at Whole Foods and Health food stores.

This afternoon, we are going to go walking and enjoy the afternoon before a new work week arrives. Hope all of you are having a lovely weekend!!

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