My Life Being Renewed: Power of Prayer!

Power of Prayer!

August 5, 2013

This morning, I received an email about how when two or more people pray, that God is in the midst. So I had this great idea that my co-worker & friend, Alexa, swap out prayer lists so that we can pray for each other! Just think how much fun it will be to go back over our lists together and see what prayers God has answered!
My Prayer List

Pray for God to restore 7-fold the things that Satan has stolen from us: Time, Youth, Money and Love.

Pray for God to send us honest, Christian, hard-working people to work on our new home construction. Pray for God to put it on their hearts to give us really fair pricing on the labor/materials. Pray for our house to not take too long to build and that we will enjoy the process and not be stressed.

Pray for God's will in our situation for Roscoe. Pray for Roscoe's legs to heal, Pray for his anxiety so that we can get some sleep and get things done. Pray for Roscoe to be at peace every day.

Pray for our future and our finances- school & husband's career for him to get a permanent job with great pay and benefits. Pray for us to be the head and not the tail and to be successful in everything we put our hand to.

Pray for the husband and I to meet good, Christian people who are positive role models. Pray for us to find a good church.

Pray for God to bring healing/restoration to my family and that we love one another instead of hurting each other. Pray for God to heal all of the hurts that I have and for me to let it go so that I will stop reliving the hurts over and over.

Pray for me to be the best Legal Assistant that I can be and to learn everything that I need to know so that I can do my job to the best of my ability.

Pray for me to be healed/delivered of my social anxiety/fear of large crowds and fear of rejection from others. Pray for me to learn how to love myself fully.

Do you have a prayer list and if so, what prayer has God answered for you?

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