My Life Being Renewed: My Birthday Weekend!!!

My Birthday Weekend!!!

March 3, 2013

Hi guys & gals!! This Saturday was my Birthday and I've been so busy running around celebrating all weekend that I haven't had time to stop and blog!! But I had the BEST Birthday- my Boss gave me a $50 Gift Certificate to a local Italian Restaurant, my sister and her family took me out for a birthday dinner which included Red Velvet Cupcakes, I went out with family and friends all day Saturday Shopping and going to a French Pastry Shop, Farmers Market and dinner and visited my Mom and family on Sunday for my Birthday as well!! I have to get ready for the work week, but will be back soon to show you all of my Birthday pictures!!


  1. Sounds like a great birthday. Happy Birthday!!

    1. It was a great Birthday- I had so much fun! Thanks for the Birthday wishes :)

  2. Happy Birthday! Don't stop dreaming!