My Life Being Renewed: Update on my 2013 Goals!

Update on my 2013 Goals!

February 8, 2013

Hi lovelies- Thank God it's Friday, right?!! I am kind of excited for today as well because I am supposed to be receiving call backs from my Job Interviews!
I also wanted to talk about some of my New Years Resolutions that I made for this year and see how I am doing on those.

* Career- I had two job interviews and they both went really well, but I really hit it off with the Law Firm Interview. He was really down to earth and we were even laughing and talking about our families during the interview. I really want the job, plus it's downtown near all of the up and coming trendy shops, the office is so adorable and I would be his PA -I would also benefit from learning more about Law and using a Mac- so I am excited for that! I did of course send Thank You Letters to both Companies, so I am hoping that helps somewhat!

Right after my Interview on Monday, I went shopping for office clothing- I desperately needed some slacks, khakis, etc. I was very happy to leave with 6 pairs of pants and 2 dresses!

* Spiritual- I have been listening to sermons online a few times per week and I have been praying for God's direction in our lives.

* Fitness/Health Goals- I have been staying on track with my fitness goals- I do cardio/strength training 5-7 days out of the week and I have been running for 30 minutes daily {except for a couple of skipped days}. I have also been trying to drink a green smoothie daily- I load it with hemp protein, barley, spinach, berries, rice/almond milk, coconut oil, etc.  I have also been taking my daily vitamins along with my new apple cider/kelp weight loss pills. I am excited to be going into 2013 with only 5-7 lbs to go! The hubby and I also have plans to run some 5K/10K this year, so we have to start training.

* Personal/Beauty-  Big FAIL on growing my nails out- but I am going to try again! On the other end, I have been doing great with taking my Biotin for my hair growth- so excited to have grow my hair long again! I have been doing better with taking care of my skin- this week I did some microdermabrasion, a peel and a mask. I have also been trying to fit in daily naps before I have to go to work!

* Organization- I have been on an organizing kick lately! I organized all of my shoes and my closet and ended up consigning a huge pile of clothing. I also put up about 5 loads of laundry- it feels so much better to have everything in it's place!

* Education- I re-applied for Financial Aid for both the hubby & myself to two different Colleges. Right now we are trying to figure out what jobs that we will have and how to work around our schedule.

* Fun - Big FAIL on this- I haven't been doing anything fun at all!! Unless you count signing up for  free trial of Redbox and watching a movie, I did also watch Biggest Loser & The Bachelor on Monday. I plan on finding something fun to do this weekend- maybe biking, getting froyo, going to the movies, bowling, the beach, taking some fun photos..

* Other accomplishments- I did our Taxes on TaxACT {I use it every year} and finished them within 30 minutes and we are getting a refund, so that is exciting news!

February/March Goals that I want to work on:

Be more spontaneous- get out and do some fun things/bucket list items!
Go through things- have Garage Sale
Work on Growing Nails
Marathon Training
Take more photos
Trade in Suburban for Prius/more fuel efficient vehicle
Plan myself a FUN Birthday Party!!
Obtain Job!!

That about wraps it up- I am hoping to come back and be successful on some other goals in my life- I am so excited for what 2013 holds!

What are some goals that you are working towards?


  1. I'm wanting to do a post on this too! An update for myself mostly so I can see my progress! I love all of these goals. This post is truly inspirational!

    1. Courtney, thanks for visiting! You should totally do it- it is very rewarding :D

  2. Looks like you're kicking butt on these goals! I hope you get the job!!

    1. Thanks Keith- I really hope I get the job as well! :)

  3. I really hope the law firm job works out for you! It sounds like a great fit:)! Good for you for staying on top of your goals! All your hard work will pay off Melinda:))!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement girl! I hope it works out too! :)

  4. Good luck with the job I hope you get it!

    Ali of