My Life Being Renewed: Day at the Farm!

Day at the Farm!

January 9, 2013

Hi guys, sorry I've been MIA, I have been out of town spending the week with my nephews & neices- they are down from South Carolina. We had the best time and SO many photos! I will have to break them up into several posts- hope you enjoy!

We visited White Oak Pastures, but unfortunately we didn't get to go on the farm tour since we didn't call ahead and schedule- so that is on the list to do next time. We did buy some kale and eggs and had fun taking photos and playing with the farm dogs. It was a fun day!


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  2. Love that you've been to a farm together!

  3. Glad to see you back blogger friend! Looks like you had a fun visit :)

  4. Hey! Glad u had a fun trip. Thanx for giving us a glimpse via photos!
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  5. Such a cute dog.^^
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  8. Kale always looks so pretty to me…but not too tasty haha. That’s so sweet your nieces and nephews visited, you must have had such a blast! And you’re a fun auntie to take them on little day activities :)

  9. nice pictures! those kale looks so jummy. i like mixing it with my juice

    xo lala

  10. Enjoy your time with your nieces and nephews:))!