My Life Being Renewed: Bloody Fabulous Darling..

Bloody Fabulous Darling..

January 11, 2013

Sunday morning, after coffee & breakfast, we went on a hike in the woods- it was so much fun! Later, we finally had our tea party {we always have a tea party when the girls visit}, All of us girls wore GiGi's vintage dresses with the exception of Elisabeth- she opted for a more modern look with her new leopard scarf and she looked beautiful. We had such a good time dressing up and having our tea and cucumber sandwiches.

We also danced/ballet, I gave everyone back massages & facials which they enjoyed. I was actually able to take a break and play scrabble with my SIL & MIL and we had a glass of white wine, cranberry, oj & fruit which was delicious- that was my only adult moment all week hehe.. We also held a Fashion Show after GiGi's Birthday party in which we had a few friends over {we baked her a homemade cake!}, We dressed up as an Amish Family, I was also dressed in a vintage ball gown wearing sapphires and diamonds- wish I had gotten a picture! I didn't want to be in the Fashion/Talent Show but the girls begged me, so I did and I survived {I am not one to be center of attention/all of the focus on me}. We also went to Michaels and picked up yarn, the girls wanted me to crochet scarves for their American Girl Dolls. I ended up buying so much yarn because they had a 20% off sale!

I was supposed to pick Roscoe up from the Kennel on Sunday, but the kids begged me to stay one more night- so I gave in- every night the girls decided who would sleep by me, sit by me at dinner, sit by me in the car- it was a huge ego boost to have someone fighting over who would sit by me next. The kids said some of the cutest things.

Here are some of the things that they said:

* Your sisters are so lucky to have you as a sister, I wish you were my sister.
* Uncle Reggie is so lucky to have you as his wife.
* Aunt Melinda is so kind and nice- then Gwendolyn gave me this button that reads "kind"
* I wish you could move to Greenville, SC so that you could live near us and visit all of the time.
* I wish  you could be our babysitter.
* Gwendolyn- "We are So much alike- we like fashion, baking, shopping, jewelry- we are like twins" in which Abigail got upset because she wanted to be my twin as well. How cute is that?
* Andrew- the girls are going to ruin yours and Uncle Reggies marriage because you have been sleeping apart the entire week. {I assured him that it would not ruin our marriage, that absense makes the heart grow stronger}
* Gwendolyn- "Aunt Melinda, you can come watch us for the week that Mommy & Daddy go on their Chick-Fil-A cruise!"
* Abigail, the youngest, Aunt Melinda, please stop cleaning and come and play with us!
* Gwendolyn took a photo of me {that I didn't think was pretty} and she said that I looked beautiful.
* Elisabeth, the oldest {we were hanging out just us two, upstairs and I braided her hair then gave her a back scratch}, she said her favorite time was just her and I spending time together.
* When I told the kids that I needed to leave a day early to see about jobs, they said "Just stay and let GiGi pay for what you need"- they didn't want me to leave. We stayed the extra day, one more day didn't actually make much of a difference in the end concerning jobs.

All of the girls cried when we had to say goodbye to them on Monday- I hugged them tight and promised them that I would come and visit for Bear on the Square. They will be playing their instruments downtown in Dahlonega, Georgia at the end of April.

I am so happy that I decided to stay for the week while they were down, it was difficult for me to put Roscoe in the kennel because he hasn't been doing so good lately, but I didn't want to let the kids down. It was a wonderful time and I enjoyed being a kid for the week. I hope you enjoyed all of the photos!

{My face was so puffy from allergies/sinuses- please excuse}
{The pink scarf that I am wearing- I made for Gwendolyn, I borrowed it- she is in the green coat}
{We had so much fun speaking in British & Southern Lady accents- there were alot of darlings pass the tea and "this is bloody fabulous"}
{I played the rich Southern Socialite who had just came back from Egypt} 


  1. I love a good hike in the woods! I try to go as often as I can. There's just something about being amongst nature that is so good for the soul.

    1. I agree! I live near the woods, so I do try to go for a walk everyday- it helps to clear my mind :)

  2. What a fabulous little tea party! I would've loved to join you all:)!

    1. Rita, I would have loved for you to come to our tea party! :)

  3. must be so refreshing and entertaining .. u all look happy n enjoying urselves !

  4. awww.... I love this! I have 3 nieces and 2 nephews that I don't see too often and when I do see them they are all trying to talk to me at the same time :) Looks like you had a great week. Enjoy your weekend!