My Life Being Renewed: First full day back home!!

First full day back home!!

May 26, 2012

I had so much fun yesterday being back home. We had an organic brunch -coffee, turkey bacon, eggs and english muffins. It was amazing being able to relax, check emails, enjoy coffee- it's the small things-seriously.

 Later, I went and visited my sister, who had me a whole case of kcups that she found for an amazing price-so sweet of her! Went swimming at the pool with the hubby and my nephew for about 2 hours- we played marco polo, frisbee- it was just what I needed! I also managed to squeeze in some time to go walking. For dinner the hubby grilled chicken and we had a grilled chicken salad. The best part of the day was getting my two packages of kale chips- yay! I also ordered a salicylic peel kit {I've been in the sun lately & need a peel}, which I am super excited to try out! Here are some pictures since I've been home.

Venti Soy whip double espresso Coffee Frappucino- my favorite!

Larabars sent me their new bars to try out- they are amazing!!

Reggie picked me up a {pink} float for the pool- so excited to lay out at the pool!!

 veggies from our garden- how exciting!!

Reggie just left to go to the market to get some things to grill for Memorial Day- we are going to grill out and go swimming- so excited!

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